Corporate Governance

The Community of Maple Child Care Services is governed by a Parent/Community Board of Directors. This volunteer group is comprised of both dedicated parents and community members with a variety of backgrounds, professional experience and interests. Our Board’s commitment is the nucleus of the success of all our programs.

Board of Directors 2019-2020

  • Executive Members

  • Adam Chiaradini
  • Anne Calafati
  • Francesca Iasparro
  • Vittoria Sifo
  • Board Members

  • Marlene Botelho
  • Swati Singh
  • Matthew China
  • Nakema Walker
  • Ex-Officio Members
  • FJK School Principal
  • SJA School Principal
  • Staff Members

  • Marilyn Santaguida
    Executive Director
  • Nelia Madeira
    Program Director